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About Us

    Ultra Fine Powder Technology was first founded in 1987 by a group of powder metallurgists with financial backing from various sources as a start up to produce specialty gas atomized powders for the MIM industry. After demonstrating the capability to produce fine powder for MIM on a small pilot plant, they pursued construction of the dedicated, engineered, 22,000 square foot atomization facility in Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA, where we are still located today.

    In 2008, UFP was purchased by Carpenter Technology and renamed Carpenter Powder Products.  The focus for the plant remained the production of fine metal powders by gas atomization, primarily for MIM.  In June 2020, a private investment group (which includes the primary stakeholder of Novamet Specialty Products Corporation of Lebanon, Tennessee) purchased the Woonsocket operation from Carpenter, and renamed it Ultra Fine Specialty Products.  All key production, technical and administrative staff were retained, including staff from the founding of UFPT.

    Ultra Fine is AS9100/ISO 9001 certified. The focus on MIM remains the same, with additional focus and expertise in powders developed and produced for binder jet AM, electronic and magnetic requirements, and thermal spray/laser bed fusion applications, among others.

    A wide range of alloys are atomized regularly by Ultra Fine, using high pressure argon and nitrogen gases, creating alloys from copper through cobalt/nickel superalloys, and many iron-based alloys from stainless to low alloy steels.

    Ultra Fine employs a unique inert gas atomization design and techniques to efficiently produce high quality, spherical powders with very tightly controlled chemistry and particle sizes that make it uniquely specially qualified for highly specific applications. A wide range of tight particle size cuts can be made as required using technologically advanced air classification and/or screening processes.

    We strive to provide quality, experienced technical support, on time deliveries and the shortest possible lead times. The aim of Ultra Fine is to serve our customers and be a supplier of high-quality specialty metal powders in a responsive, flexible, efficient, and economical way to support our customer’s most demanding needs and applications.

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