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Technology Trends

Technology Trends


   Powder quality will continue to improve to meet the increasing requirements of metal additive manufacturing. Methods of producing gas atomized powders with narrower particle size distributions, greater sphericity, fewer satellites, and less internal porosity will improve throughput, mechanical properties, and overall process consistency. New alloys custom designed for laser and electron beam powder bed fusion techniques will enable better control of melt pool formation and solidification leading to finer microstructures and further improving properties. Ultra Fine Specialty Products is developing capabilities to produce pilot quantities of new gas atomized powders that can be transitioned to high volume production after successful evaluation.



    Ultra Fine Specialty Products continues to expand its production of highly spherical, gas atomized powders in a wide array of alloys used in metal additive manufacturing and metal injection molding. This year, Ultra Fine has also installed capabilities to produce pilot quantities of gas atomized powders, which will enable the development of custom alloys for powder bed fusion and binder jet printing. The pilot equipment will also enable development of technology to narrow particle size distributions, improve sphericity, and reduce satellites. Upon successful evaluation, quantities can be readily scaled to high volumes on existing production equipment.